Why we started Presentable Homes...

Established in 2017, Presentable Homes is the culmination of a loving couple, Sandra and Herman, a passion for quality, and an opportunity to provide specialised home valet services to the people of Waikato.

With over 6 years experience in the cleaning industry, we wanted to provide people with not just a high quality cleaning service, but a personal touch as well.

We saw a gap in the market, people moving into new homes, or offices, were experiencing the disheartening affects of a building still needed to be cleaned. We also saw an opportunity to help people enjoy their personal time with family, rather than spending their time on cleaning.

Moving into a new home, creating a new commercial space, or having time to spend on things that matter, like family, are all important. We saw this as a calling and decided we could be the ones to make a difference in peoples lives doing something we enjoy - as there is nothing quite as satisfying as a freshly cleaned space where we have touched every surface and ensured it is spotless.

Presentable Home logo on rear windscreen
Sandra and Herman in their Presentable Homes uniform

"We believe a Presentable Home provides great first impressions, and a wonderful experience for those moving into their new home."

Who are Presentable Homes?

Herman is originally from South Africa, while my birth country is Germany. We happened to both come to NZ for its amazing beauty, its peacefulness and its wonderful, friendly and 'making you feel at home' people. We then met in the small picturesque town of Whakatane, in the Bay of Plenty.

While Herman's expertise lays more in the 'manly' type of work in and around houses, my passion and experience lies in home valet. Brought up by my wonderful, precise and tidy mum, I learned from a young age to clean with high attention to detail, but also with enjoyment. With several years' professional cleaning experience, I also learned how to clean efficiently.

Herman and I are extremely committed to provide our clients with the best service possible. Owning our own home, and listening the market, we know what clients are looking for in a great cleaning service.

In addition to this service, we also like to provide a personal touch. We like to get to know the people we work with, as we believe that communication is key in providing even greater service.

"We like to get to know the people we work with, find out what is important to them and we treat every home or building as if it is our own."

Whether it's people moving into their new home or apartment, retirement villages opening new units, or builders presenting their show home - we know how important the first impression is, and how good it feels not having to worry about any cleaning! Our goal, and our purpose, is to allow these people to concentrate on enjoying their new space!

Sandra Walz

Sandra Walz
Sandra Walz

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Herman Schoombee
Herman Schoombee

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